Our Community of Talent is Our Greatest Asset

We are lateral thinkers and problem solvers, innovators and explorers.

Everyone who joins Kudelski Security is relentless in their pursuit of solutions to the world’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges – whichever part of the business they work in.

We are consciously and passionately embarking on a journey to create a positive change by fostering a culture where unique employee identities and points of view are valued, and everyone can shine.

Diversity and Inclusion at Kudelski Security

We believe creating an inclusive environment is both the right thing to do and will make us stronger in our mission to rapidly innovate and transform our business to meet the needs of our current and future clients and markets.  A diverse and dynamic workforce, along with our 70-year track record of business success, will ensure the Group’s long-term success.

We’re collaborating across business units to build a work environment with inclusive policies, thoughtful diversity education and open discussion. We will ensure our employees, and everyone we interact with, will be treated fairly and without bias and have equal access to opportunities.  Our mission is to ensure everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves and is celebrated for their acquired skills and knowledge, as well as their inherent identities.

Kudelski Security is a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to large enterprise and public-sector clients around the world. We differentiate ourselves by the purposeful innovation at the heart of our corporate culture, which stems from our history.

Founded in 1951 with the launch of its NAGRA recording equipment, the Kudelski Group is renowned for ground-breaking innovations that have shaped the evolution of the digital television ecosystem.

The company is listed on the Swiss stock exchange, having:

  • 3,000 employees worldwide
  • Operations in 33 countries
  • Thousands of patents
  • 200 million USD each year invested in R&D

It’s a history of innovation that is the primary driver for Kudelski Security. Innovation is in our DNA.

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Life at Kudelski Security

At Kudelski Security, we are deeply committed to the employee relationship.

We strive for employees to be proud of where they work. For them to be in a place where they want to make a difference, where they can use their skills to solve complex challenges daily. We take pride in the fact that Kudelski Security is a place where you can make a difference – to both your career and to the world of cybersecurity.

Committed to building a culture of collaboration and innovation
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Work with top talent in the cyber security industry

Kudelski Security – A Unique Working Culture


We thrive on different perspectives and working with people in the company and the wider community to bring a real and lasting impact on cybersecurity.


We are purposefully innovative. It’s in our DNA. We collide with our clients' challenges to create workable solutions.


We pursue integrity and excellence in everything we do, from the solutions we develop and deliver, to our partnerships with clients.


We create cybersecurity solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations.


We never stop asking questions or looking ahead. We turn over every stone
to develop and deliver the best solutions on the market.


Many great reasons to make Kudelski Security your next best move.

We believe our people are more important than the position, and these are some of our benefits:

Stefan Kudelski

History of Innovation

Kudelski Security is part of the Kudelski Group.

Since its launch in 1951 with the NAGRA I Audio recorder, the Kudelski Group has been constantly innovating. Leveraging its engineering capabilities, the Group has become a market leader in media content security, digital TV and public access solutions. Cybersecurity was a logical step for the Group and Kudelski Security was born in 2012.

That's just where our story starts. It continues with you. We are constantly innovating. Every day you'll be a part of something bigger than yourself.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.


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Open Positions

Everyone plays a pivotal role at Kudelski Security.


From engineering to operations, every department works together to ensure we meet our clients' needs. Our expert-driven advisory services, state-of-the-art managed security services, unrivaled consulting services, and brilliant research and development programs all rely on the support of a cohesive and driven team. We are a worldwide company with locations and offices near you. Our U.S. headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona while our European HQ is based in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland. → View all open positions.

We’re a company that’s expanding, both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Almost every week, you’ll find new open positions in cybersecurity.

Do you see a position you’re interested in? Click on the open position below and create a New User profile. Creating a profile will only take a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to joining the Kudelski Security team.

What our employees say about us:


"What I love is that Kudelski Security offers a great atmosphere for learning valuable cyber trade craft."



"We have the unique ability to prevent bad guys from wreaking havoc across the web. That’s something I value every single day."



"Devops is not just a buzz word. For us, this is the culture we adopted to provide a controlled, stable and secure infrastructure in a continuous improvement process."



"What I like about Kudelski Security is being able to work on a variety of solutions and topics, collaborating with different teams - from technical to business teams."



"I am able to take ownership of all of my projects and push myself in areas that I am unsure of and continue to challenge myself and learn more every day."



"Happy to be part of Kudelski Security because that means I’m part of the future."